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Launching and Hauling Tips

  • When you get to the ramp to launch, park away from the ramp. Walk down to the ramp and check it out, evaluating things which may hamper your launch or recovery like a drop off, or other obstruction underwater.
  • Next, prep your boat to launch. Get everything ready, from the gas in, to the straps off, and most of your gear in. Don’t forget to pull your light connection apart so you don’t have hot lights hitting cold water. This will eliminate one source of lights not working.

  • When the ramp is clear, back in SLOWLY, and prepare to launch. Set your parking brake, and if necessary block the front wheels to prevent rolling into the water. Get your boat into the water, and away from the actual ramp by moving it further out so others can move in when you pull out. Tie up, pull your truck and trailer out and into the parking lot.

  • When you return at the end of the day, remember that people are coming and going all the time. Approach the dock and ramp at a location that is away from the action, such as the end of the dock. Tie up here, and go and get your trailer and truck. When the ramp is clear, back in and set your parking brake and if necessary block the front wheels. Once your trailer is ready to recover, go get your boat, and recover it to the trailer with the least amount of time spent doing it. Leave your gear in the boat till you have recovered it. Winch onto the trailer, pick up your blocks if you have them out, release your parking brake, and pull out steady, and pull ahead to clear the ramp.

  • Now that you are away from the ramp, remove your gear, set your motor for towing, pull any drains, strap it down to the trailer, hook up your lights, test them, and you are on your way.




Remember to remove all plant life attatched to your boat or motor! Milfoil can spread into a clean lake via boat. Courtesy Boat Inspectors will check your boat if they are there. 

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