Courtesy Boat Inspection is one of the most beneficial programs that helps prevent invasive  species from crossing lake to lake. One fragment of milfoil from this lake, could be detrimental to an invasive-free lake.


From Maine.Gov:


Maine’s Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) Program completed its 17th year in 2017.  The purpose of these voluntary inspections is to reduce the spread of invasive aquatic plants (IAP) by boats, trailers, and associated equipment to Maine waters.  Trained Courtesy Boat Inspectors discuss with boaters the risk posed by IAP, show boaters how to inspect and remove vegetation from boating and fishing equipment, and urge boaters to inspect before and after every launch. 

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) contracted again with Lakes Environmental Association in Bridgton to train volunteers, organize inspections, and manage grant pass through funds to lake groups in 2014.  

Courtesy Boat Inspection Results Summary 2014 Season 

-83,186 total inspections on both motorized and non-motorized boats

-93% of the motorized boats had the Lake & River Protection Sticker

-150 launch sites on 116 waterbodies had Courtesy Boat Inspections

-14 infested waterbodies had a  Courtesy Boat Inspection Program

-2196 inspections (2.6%) yielded plant fragments – native or invasive

-of these intercepted plant fragments, 105 (5%) were “saves” (invasive plants) found primarily on boats exiting infested waters

-55 organizations conducted courtesy boat inspections – plus 46 bass clubs inspected at their permitted tournaments

-710 courtesy boat inspectors (paid and volunteer) worked a total of 42,293 hours


SELF INSPECTION is also strongly encouraged! If there is not a CBI at the time of launch or loading, please take the time to look over your motor, boat, trailer, and anything else that could potentially hold a plant fragment. 

Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI)



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