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About Us

The Friends of Messalonskee is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of Messalonskee Lake, also known as Snow Pond. Our purpose is to educate the public and promote the responsible use of the lake through conducting projects, programs, and activities. These include supporting wildlife preservation, informing the public of the results of water quality monitoring, teaching and promoting the practices which protect the water quality of the lake ecosystem, and encouraging safe recreational use of the lake.

​The Friends of Messalonskee is one of many lake associations in the state of Maine. Because all of the Belgrade Lakes are in the same watershed and flow chain, the lake associations listed on the map below are of particular interest.

Since all of the lakes in the Belgrade Chain are susceptible to similar issues that may be detrimental to their ecosystem, the Friends of Messalonskee participates and coordinates many of its programs with other Belgrade Lake associations. 

Friends of Messalonskee serves Messalonskee Lake, also known as Snow Pond, however, we advocate for using it's native name, Messalonskee.


Friends of Messalonskee

Founded in 1990, the Messalonskee Lake Association, now Friends of Messalonskee (as of 2011), has promoted education and responsible use of Messalonskee Lake. Since its founding, the challenges to the lake have grown. The introduction of Variable Leaf Milfoil (VLM) in the early 90's has greatly influenced our purpose as an organization. 

Membership has grown far beyond the original group of people who founded it. Members today come from throughout the Watershed. All are truly friends of the lake! Thanks to all our friends who make this possible!

Lake History


1774 marked the beginning of the known history of Belgrade, Maine. In that year a man named Philip Snow, who had hunted for some time in what is now Sidney, decided to look for new hunting grounds on the other side of the large lake to the west. He crossed the lake and landed about two miles north of what is now Belgrade Depot, and there he built a log cabin. He apparently intended this as just a base for his hunting trips, since he came alone, without any family. After about six years, Snow sold his cabin to Joseph Greely, and probably returned to his family, in Sidney. At some later date, but before Belgrade became a town, he returned to the west side of the lake with his wife and nine children. Later still, he and his family left the country.


More information about the lake can be found here.  


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